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I paid for a Washer-dryer from Currys on my credit card for an elderly friend of mine (she has paid me the money) as she could not use the online ordering facility.  From Day One it was faulty.  This was reported straight away.  An engineer arrived about ten days later to check it.  My friend told them she did not want it repaired, she wanted to return it and claim a refund.  Eventually (after about two weeks), she was given a code to claim collection and a refund.  It was (eventually) collected and she bought a new machine from somewhere  else.

When I rang about the refund, a recorded message said it would take fourteen days from the time they received the machine back.  It is fourteen working days tomorrow from the date of collection.  As to when they received it back, I do not know.

Does anyone know if there is any way to check on my refund without sitting on the phone for an hour and then just getting a customer services person who has no authority?  I need to get this sorted now, otherwise I have a feeling I will never get my refund.

I have lodged the matter with my credit card provider and they sent me a form to fill in, but I have not done so yet as I am waiting to see what Currys do.

Never again will I buy anything from Currys that I cannot collect from the store myself and return myself if necessary.  This is the second time someone I know has had these problems.
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