Redundancy and the repayment of training costs

Hello, I was hoping someone on here could help me.
I was made redundant in mid June this year, and my employer has told me he is deducting an exam fee from my final wage (£201). This will leave me with a final wage payment of around £600 (if I'm lucky). My offer letter and company handbook states that I need to repay the exam of I leave the company within 12 months of sitting the exam, but I have tried to argue that as I have not left the company of my own accord, that I shouldn't have to relay this cost. 

My ex employer is now being very difficult and is refusing to put anything in writing to me, and has not issued me with my final payslip or P45. 


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    Tricky one. On a moral level at least it doesn't seem right.

    Could depend on the exact wording of the agreement, and if you signed anything.

    It sounds like you're still employed so you could raise a grievance stating that you don't consent to the deduction as you are not leaving voluntarily and it's not a result of your conduct.

    If they do make the deduction you'd then just have to get on to ACAS to bring an unlawful deductions from wages claim at tribunal. For £201 they might just pay up, but then they might not.
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    The exam taken is of course of long term benefit to yourself. 
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    Was it a course you wanted to do or a course that your employer sent you on because you needed to do it for the job you were doing?
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