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Lawn mower for large lawn - any recommendations?

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Lawn mower for large lawn - any recommendations?

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Can anyone recommend me a  new lawnmower? 
We have approx 1/3 acre mainly laid to lawn, nice and flat, cut regularly throughout the growing season.
we currently have a hayter harrier 48 (petrol back roller) Which we are very happy with - but although regularly serviced and looked after it is starting to get expensive for parts now.
This would be very expensive to replace and I’m wondering if technology ie battery power has taken over the petrol mower?
any advice would be much appreciated


  • CoffeekupCoffeekup Forumite
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    I consider myself as a bit of a lawn freak and love cutting my lawn and feeding it, along with scarifying it. 
    It comes down to a few questions first...
    #How much you want to spend on a mower?
    #How long does it take you to cut your lawn? #Would you like to keep your cutting time the same or speed it up? If the latter a bigger cutting width will reduce the time.
    #Do you like lawn stripes? If you so u can get mowers that stripe, or you can buy rolling kits that can fit most mower's.
    #sharpening blade's to keep the grass looking nice and stop diesese coming is a yearly cost, but you can do these yourself with an angle grinder if you're confident at using one.
    # Do you collect the grass, or do you mulch it? If that's the case a rotary mower I would lean towards.
    #Many people cut their grass on the lowest setting, which is ok if you keep up with it 3 times a week to stop weed's coming in. I like to cut mine at 2.5-3 inches. So less frequent mowing and a the lawn looks thick and tall all year round with little to no weed's.
    #Do you want a really nice cut? If so a cylinder mower is the way to go, but they tend to cut the grass low ... Again more frequent mowing.
    #Do you want a mower that you push around the lawn or one that self propels itself?

    But for the time being without knowing more of what you want... I'll presume you'll want a similar replacement... So look at Honda rotary mower's, also Toro rotary mower's with a Honda engine.

    As for battery mower's I hear they get on average of 45 minute runs. I personally wouldn't go for one tho, as battery life on phones, tablet's and vacuums and power tools appear to be around 2-3 year's and are expensive to buy new.

  • JimmithecatJimmithecat Forumite
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    Thanks coffeekup - I Bit the bullet and went for another Hayter in the end - my last one lasted 23 years And gave me trouble free service so I’m hoping this will be my last Lawnmower - I got a reasonable trade in price as I have been going to The same dealer for so long.
    thanks for your advice
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