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December wedding

Hi all, 
We are getting married in December and it's exactly 6 months away. We have the dilemma with the invites as we were originally inviting 90 people. We are in the situation wher we dont know who to invite due to not knowing how many people are allowed to attend. I know people will say jeez it's 6 months away but the uncertainty of everything is driving us nuts as nobody knows where we will be in December. Anyone else in a similar predicament, also we're in Wales... 


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    What an excellent way to save everyone money. Plan your wedding on numbers allowed now and then nearer the time you can add on a large reception/party  for everyone.
    Seriously I presume you already have the venues sorted for the wedding ceremony and reception.
    What are they asking for in terms of committment? 
    Decide if is most important to have everyone there for the service in which case you have no choice but to wait for more guidance and possibly postpone, or if you are happy with smaller wedding tell those who you would not get married without.
    You could have save the date cards made which will let people know your current position.
    " We would like you to join us in celebrating our wedding at.. on.. and the reception afterwards at... However given current Covid 19 guidance we cannot send out invitations to the  normal timescales. We will let you know closer to the date what the arrangements are.
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