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Requesting back pay when the parent lives abroad

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Requesting back pay when the parent lives abroad

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I was wondering what thoughts were regarding child support if the father lives in a different country - myself and my son live in England and my sons father has lived in NZ since my son was four months old.
We have partial contact due to my child’s father being deemed unsafe to be around us, he didn’t pay any child support until 12 months ago when he started to pay £58pw. My son is 11. I did discuss backpay with his father, who has paid around £10pw (out of his £58) towards this, but I am conscious that really, he would owe a hell of a lot of money for the ten years in which he didn’t pay anything and I’d like to address this now. What advise would you have considering we live so far apart? 

He has one child and one step child in NZ and is self employed.

Thanks in advance.


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    Is the child support done through CMS? 
    If not then it would need to be a discussion between you and the father as CMS don't backdate new claims.
    I would assume that REMO would come into play if you already have a case open or open a new one. 
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    Thanks for your reply. It’s a private agreement we have come to and he has kept to his word and paid weekly. I didn’t even attempt to try through any agent due to the nature of him being an NZ citizen and self employed, I’ve always heard bad things about this...although my thoughts may well be outdated.
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