Mobile Game mis-sold in-game currency

The issue I will detail below is quite complexed, however I will try and keep is short and will go into further details if need be.

A major Mobile Game developer has purposely misrepresented information to me so I would carry on to purchase in-game currency.
After going back and forth to prove they have indeed purposely lied to me, they have admitted this.
I asked for a refund for all in game purchases from the first time they lied to me about this.

They have refused my request for refund and refused to escalate my complaint. They also refused to give me any information about their governing body, therefore not allowing me to take my complaint further.

They purely claim that the T&Cs say no refunds available.
However I'm convinced they have broken 2 or 3 types of consumer protection acts.

Could anyone assist with who I can take my complaint up with?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer


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