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I have 2 questions that i am looking for some help with please

I submitted my wedding insurance claim back in March and have finally been given the decision that they are not paying due to "claims arrising directly or indirectly from government regulations or act".
They have decided on that date of March 21st as the cut off before using this policy but my question is why have they come up with this date when lockdown was announced on the 23rd?

My 2nd question is that my partners grandma was diagnosed with cancer and required life changing and saving surgery aswell as weeks of radiotherapy and is still recovering.
Our policy states "Death, injury or sickness of one of the marrying couple or close relative which would make continuance of wedding inappropriate"

I am going to challenge the claim under these terms now as she was diagnosed with cancer in January and had surgery a few weeks later and has just finished her radiotherapy last week. Because she was diagnosed prior to Covid, surely they cannot use the same reference to reject this as it was too soon for us to make that decision and then Covid came from nowhere before we could make a decision. 

Looking forward to any help or advice

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