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Where can wheelie bins be kept?

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Where can wheelie bins be kept?

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anonymousgirl00anonymousgirl00 Forumite
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Hi everyone!
I recently purchased a property and moved in next to a person who keeps his wheelie bins on his designed car space rather than in garden. The bins smell and they are the only thing that is visible from my living room (side) window. I will ask the neighbour to keep the bins in their garden but first I asked the council (I wanted to avoid unpleasant conversation with the neighbour) if they could send guidance to the neighbour with regards to the bins. They said “sure, give us the address”. Weeks went by so I chased the council. Their changed their tone and actually said the neighbour can keep the bins wherever he wants apart from street/footpath. Is this correct? I have someone else's bins 3m from my living room window and obviously it stinks when the window is open. My impression was car space is for the car and not for stinky rubbish? This surely cannot be right to keep the bins on the driveway under someone else's living room window? 

Could you please advise?


  • unforeseenunforeseen Forumite
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    As the Council say, bins can be kept anywhere on the householders premises.
    I would suggest environmental health but they probably couldn't do anything. 
  • Barny1979Barny1979 Forumite
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    It's on their land so can do what they like.
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  • baggy_eyedbaggy_eyed Forumite
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    If they have a designated space, might that mean they dont own it, but only have use of it?
    Is it on public road? If not ,could it be Leasehold property in which case the Freeholder could be approached.
    Any covernants? Did you have any restrictions or legal requirements come up when you bought your property? Could be the same for them.
    Unfortunately they could move the bin off the space and it ends up even near you, like the other one.
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    elsienelsien Forumite
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    I live in a terrace with no driveway.  The neighbours keep their bins outside their window and about 3 feet from my front door and sitting room window (shared access) because they CBA bringing them round from the back each week.
    I have no idea why they want smelly unsightly bins right outside their sitting room window but it doesn't seem to bother them in the slightest. Nothing I can do about it unless I can very nicely persuade them otherwise. 
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