Firstly, would you advise using an agent to handle a bankruptcy, or doing it yourself?


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    do it yourself its pretty straightforward and with help & support here anytime you need it, i'm always against using a "bankruptch specialist/agent" they can only do the same as you can yourself and cannot represent you in bankruptcy and from past experiance they usually cause more hassles than you know what with various probs they can cause....its a waste of money to use someone else instead....many here will agree..... although you'll need to speak to one of the debt charitys 1st though CAB stepchange etc etc they can discuss your situation and advise IF bankruptcy is a viable option to take to help your situation.

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    Are your financial affairs particularly complicated? There really is no need to use an Insolvency Practitioner for a personal bankruptcy. 
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    In a sense it's 'too easy' to declare bankruptcy. Just fill in the online form, pay £680 by card and press submit.

    I'd actually like to see it changed so that there was a requirement (like IVAs and DROs) to take advice first.

    (I know the IVA advice doesn't work very well.)
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    In Scotland I believe it’s already the case that you need to get advice before going bankrupt (unless it’s the creditors bankrupting you)
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    It used to be here too 8 years ago when i went BR. 
    Never pay for advice we have amazing debt charities and this forum has brilliant advice 

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