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I'm not in a great position. Moved 2 days before lockdown. A charity gave me gift cards from one4all. So I could buy a spare bed and bedroom furniture.  I have mental health problem so my son would come up and stay with me so I can get out and about. So I've had to do without my son. In a new town. Cant go to a store to spend the cards and i cant spend them online due to some law limiting how much you can spend online. So when i talk to one4all. Basically theres nothing they can do or want to do about it. 


  • ZoeSkinnerZoeSkinner Forumite
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    I don't even know what to say, I'm sorry that you have health problems! Do you want them to let you remove the limit on gift cards?

  • Andrea_jardinAndrea_jardin Forumite
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    One4all are kind of treated like prepaid debit cards, and online retailers aren't set up to allow the use of more than one in a single transaction. 

    So if you have a £100 card, you can buy a £100 cupboard, but you can't use two cards to buy a £200 cupboard.

    Once you are able to go inside an Argos store, for example, you should be able to use two £100 cards to buy a £200 cupboard. 

  • AntonSmeshkoAntonSmeshko Forumite
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    If you want to make a good gift, then do not buy gift cards. Just find the wish list of the person you want to give a gift to. This will be much more enjoyable.
  • JusticeformeJusticeforme Forumite
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    Message to all people who bought gift cards.  Many companies allow people to extend gift cards dates, make you sure to check dates and extend them ASP.
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