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The Arts Shelf

ladyjuneladyjune Forumite
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Just been blacklisted and cannot enter any competitions for The Arts Shelf, no idea why as I do not enter that many of theirs.  Anyone else had same problem?


  • nelienelie Forumite
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    Having the same issue - even typing in the address, searching for the comp and clicking through that way  I am still not being allowed to view. 

    They have put a note saying to refresh the page but this doesn't help :(
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  • BluluBlulu Forumite
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    Just out of pure curiosity, I had a go at entering a couple of their comps, to see if I was blocked. I did enter them OK, or at least, I got a confirmation message to say I was in the draws. However, both of them also showed an error message box at one point, and I noticed on the second one that it was supposed to have ended on 12th June. So my guess is that they are having some issues, whether due to the virus thing or not.

    Blu XXX 
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