Was being made redundant, now work has returned...Still being made redundant!

I'll try to give as much info as possible here. I've worked for a ground handling company at a major airport for 7 years. As the Airline we service was not planing on returning until 2021, we was all given notice of redundancy a week ago. We all understood so no problem. How ever, last week, the airline had announced a return BUT with a reduced programme for July and August (They haven't made any announcements for after this date). Out of the hundreds of staff, I have been asked to return as part of a team that is less that 30. I am a trainer and I hold a qualification that is a requirement for the airport to train staff, and there are aspects of this qualification that myself only can perform, which is business critical. 
The issue is that I have been told I will still be redundant at the end of July, even though the programe stays unchanged  in August. I have requested a 4 week extension to my redundancy notice, to run inline with the flight programme, in the hope the airline will announce further flights in August. I have been advised im a flexible furlough employee as of July 1st. 
Am I justified in questioning my termination at the of July? My assumption is that as I was selected to return of out so many staff, due to skill, experience and qualifications and why would that criteria be relevant now but not relevant at the ene of July? 
Would just like to hear some natural views on the matter. 
Thanks 😊 


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    At the moment your end date is July. Providing they have done it fairly, given you sufficient notice etc then that is fine. What happens at the end of July could depend, they could say actually we need you please stay then you can decide if you want to or not, they could say actually we would like to extend your notice for a bit longer, again you would need to agree, but make sure rest of the redundancy package stays the same. Or they could say goodbye we no longer need you. Those are your 3 main options. 
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    I work in the same industry, although for a forwarder.  I would assume that you are in a union?  What is their advice?    
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