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Child support with split dividends

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Child support with split dividends

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Hi, I run my own business as a contractor and hold a 55 / 45 share split with my wife, and both file self assessment declaring all dividends. My ex has said she is going to go to CMS to apply for child support after years of doing it without the need for them. I see from literature that there are various ways that a CMS claim can look at companies house data etc., under variation if the applicant does not believe that income disclosed (in my example circa £40k on my self assessment) matches the real earnings. I'm totally above board and allowed to have this share split etc., but would appreciate any thoughts on what is likely to happen for assessing a support figure in this scenario. understand that the default figure would be the gross income declared on SA, but past that, what is... realistic a route to be explored? Should I expect the company side to get dragged out into claims, or does a 40k SA return cover everything and pushing past that would be unlikely?


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