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Does anyone here know How to get a CIFAS marker removed ? - I have obtained a DSAR from CIFAS, and there is no information Listed on my Report apart from "METRO BANK PLC HAS MADE A SEARCH INTO YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS - PLEASE CONTACT METRO BANK PLC FOR MORE INFORMATION" . I have been into Contact with Metro Bank, and they are claiming that they havent made any searches or recorded any information , so  i am a little confused as to why this is flagging up when i applied for a TSB current Account at the start of this Month - its going to cause me a lot of trouble, and the only thing that CIFAS are advising is to make another DSAR with all recent telephone numbers and email addresses - I did this in the 1st DSAR That i made !- Please help , someone !?


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    You might be as well posting this on the budgeting and bank accounts board, CIFAS and bankruptcy/insolvency are generally unrelated
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    The report stating that Metro bank has made a search, doesn't constitute a CIFAS marker. There's nothing to remove. From what you've explained, you have a clear CIFAS file and no CIFAS markers against you.

    If you wish to dispute anything with metro, write to their data controller by post enclosing a copy of the CIFAS report asking for their data controllers explanation.

    Their data controller's address is:

    FAO Data Controller
    Metro Bank PLC
    One Southampton Row
    WC1B 5HA
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