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Child maintenance at 19 help

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caz2007caz2007 Forumite
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just a bit confused wondering if anyone can help 

my husband pays for his son each month and we have since he was 2 he is now 19 ( April this year) and he finishes college this month 

he is considering going back in September as he wants to do his level 3. He has done 3 years at college year 1 was maths and English as he failed GCSEa and year 2 was level 1 course , year 3 was level 2 course 

now what im confused about is that he is 19 and will enroll on this course in August / September. I’m assuming his mums child benefit will stop as he is 19 but what about maintenance? It says up till 20 if in approved education but the when you look at this it says Your child must be accepted onto the course before they turn 19.  So as he hasn’t applied does this mean we stop paying or do we pay until he turns 20 in April 2021 


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    If he enrolled before his 19th birthday then his mum will still be entitled to child benefit but it looks like he didn't so she won't be entitled to it. She will also not be entitled to child maintenance from your husband as she is not in receipt of child benefit. 
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