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A.C.E disputed transaction rejected by Virgin

Help required please.

I purchased a car in November last year.  The garage said it comes with 12 month warranty which gave peace of mind.  However when I noticed a gear fault, my concerns were ignored.
I tried to get something similar to a pre inspection check and was told by AA they use Automotive Consulting Engineers.  I was given the number so I rang and requested a full check, mechanical and electrical to the tune of £216.

When the guy came he just walked around the car, kicked tyres and plug in a diagnostic machine, test drove the car.  This is not what I paid for.  He did confirm the gear issue but never provided a report.  

I complained about the unsatisfactory service and got confirmation my email was received but nothing else.
The issue was raised with Virgin my credit card provider as unsatisfactory service recieved.  This was in January. 

All evidence was provided and receipt confirmed.   However in April they asked for evidence in such a way it suggested I hadn't provided any.  I submitted what I had again after a phone call with someone from Virgin.  End of Mat I rang to check and was told there is nothing they can tell me, they have given ACE 90 days to reply.

I was annoyed so did a SARS to see what information if any was on record regarding ACE.  Today (21 June)  I receive a letter stating they are unable to take the claim further.  They also said they cannot claim under Section 75 either.

I still haven't received the SARs and ACE has yet to provide a report for the visit.  

I feel cheated twice as the discussion I had of having a full mechanical and electrical check on my car was not received.   There was no report either and now Virgin is rejecting my dispute. 

Please help.  I just want my money back because I still don't know the mechanical or electrical condition of the car and the garage checks and say everything is okay.  I'm yet to have the warranty through and I'm tired asking.

Any help appreciated. 

Many thanks in advance. 
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