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Accountant refused to refund overpaid fees

Hope I can get some advice here. I started  use my current (well , now previous) account in Dec 2016 and started paying their services by direct debit about £90 a month. My financial year ends on 31 July and they started preparing my 2018/19 accounts this Jan. They've been increasing their fees every year and I was paying nearly a £100 a month. My company is a small limited consultation company and transactions are very simple and straightforward. My revenue dwindled to nearly nothing since last year and I gave them notice this Feb to stop using their services. They finished my 2018/2019 accounts end of April. Now I think I paid for the year 2019/2020 ( Last Aug - this Feb, £700) but they will not do the 19/20 accounts for me, so they should refund me. I know I joined them in Dec 2016 and started paying them not from the beginning of the financial year and I could see on the 2016/2017 accounts that I owe them £360 (Aug - Nov, four months). So I asked them to refund me the difference £400 but they refused to pay anything. They said they charge for ongoing services and I also need to give them one month's notice. I understand they need notice and if they can refund, I am happy to pay the March invoice since I gave notice in Feb. But now is there any way that I can get the money back? I just don't feel it is right to charge me for this year but they won't do this year's accounts for me. They are simply too expensive for me to keep now. 
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