Car cash purchase while undischarged

Hubby and I were BR in April. Family car is a knackered rust bucket so been allowed to keep it. But it’s got a major fault and my Dad wants to give us the money for a replacement £3k. He is very adamant he will only give us the money for a car and wants us to get something better than we currently have. He lives 250 miles away and is currently shielding so he would be transferring the cash for us to make the purchase. 
Where do we stand as undischarged bankrupts in this situation? 


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    Ask your receiver. You could be in for bad news.
    If your father made the purchase for you it might be better.
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    I think you will be fine providing you can show the OR that it is a gift from your Dad, If your worried give them a call
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    What if you dad buys the car himself with you there etc.... pays for it via his account and is the legal owner of the car but you will be the registered keeper ie: responsible for the tax,insurance and upkeep of the car, but its not your car i cant see the OR having any problems with that its no diffrent than having a car on pcp hp as you are not the owner the finance company is
    But make sure the purchase invoice in made out in his name that way that is proof you dont own it he does

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