Corporate Credit Card post-bankruptcy

My employer has said that they want to give me a corporate credit card (which doesn't seem necessary right now as I'm not travelling anywhere). I can't find out whether personal credit impacts likelihood of getting a business credit card, but my situation is that I'm a discharged bankrupt (approaching 2 years discharged). To potentially complicate matters, one of my creditors when I went BR was Amex, who of course are the corporate credit card my employer uses.

What are my chances of being able to have this card? My wife thinks I should just roll with it and see if I get it. But I'm diligently building up my credit profile and don't want a decline on my record if I can help it. Can anyone advise?


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    Surely this card will be paid by your employer so they will have applied for it. 
    I wouldn't think your credit report would be searched. 
    During my BR my son got me a credit card on his account for emergencies 
    The card had my name but he was liable for the bills 
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    Declines aren't reported on your credit history, only searches and accounts which have been opened. While not having loads of hard seraches is normally good advice, the impact of a few hard searches for someone with bankruptcy showing will be tiny. Don't just apply for any and everything, but no need to fear the odd search
  • Check  with your employers, but it's highly unlikely the agreement will be in your name.

    Worst case scenario is that there is a search but there will never be a decline on your record, as of course declines aren't shown.

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