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Urgent help required..tad lost! 😭

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Urgent help required..tad lost! 😭

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I work for a school but my child attends a different school. Her school have no space for her to return..yes that is true, even though I'm a key worker.
My child has special needs but recieves no help and can't come to my school as again full up and only reception have space. Work have offered choice to take her in but it's not working as not her year group, sensory issues mean she meltdowns with showering and anxiety. I have no choice but to say it's not viable and have no other childcare. Union cannot help. My fiance is self employed and working (not eligible for scheme). Can I claim benefits as I've heard you can't if the other person is working? Currently looking for evening employment. X


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    You can claim benefits even with partner employed, but the amount will vary by how much they earn (and could be basically 0)
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