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Any way to get cheaper LASIK?

Hey everyone, Optical Express have it listed at 1.2k per eye. It is a little EYE watering....but I wondered if there was an referral program or some way to get this down in anyway?


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    Shop around, there's plenty of places offering it. But also consider that its your eyes and cheapest isn't always best. I talk from experience as I used Optical Express in 2004 for Lasik and by 2010 needed glasses again. That wasn't necessarily their fault as my eyes just changed but when I got back in touch to ask about an enhancement, which I accepted I would need to pay for, they were less than helpful. I'd filled in an online form about a consultation and was getting called daily to book. As soon as I told them I'd had treatment with them before they told me I'd need to pay a large fee just to see an optician to see if I was suitable again, not even a consultant- they tried to put me off and the daily calls quickly stopped. My friend used a local eye hospital and they were much more supportive with aftercare and the enhancement she needed a few years later. 
    I know this forum is about money saving but with Lasik I'd recommend doing your research and avoiding the chain's like OE. 
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    Check out the different providers. Decide which one you are happy with in terms of the treatment and how confident you are with them. Do not take price into account until you are sure these are the people you want to carry out a procedure that could potentially impair your sight for life. Be realistic and understand that age related changes will still happen.
    Then once you've chosen the clinic, you can look at financial options - for example if you are able to take a cancelled booking at short notice then that can be cheaper.
    I had my eyes done and have not regretted it, but I did have a near miss with a clinic that recommended something that would have caused me a lot of problems, 
    All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.

    Pedant alert - it's could have, not could of.
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