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My landlord forged my signature!

Hello everyone, 
I would need your help about a problem that I have with the Council ( Council tax).If you could please give me some advice. Thank you.
I moved to a property in 11.12.2018. When I moved in I registered with the council and I moved out in 19.11.2019. Now the problem starts. The council send me some bills for the years 2016-2017, 2017-2018, 2018-2019. I have called the council and told them that I did not stay at that property 2016,2017,2018. I have told them that I moved in the property 11.12.2018. They said no I moved in the property 2016. And I was like what, I didn't stay there. I've asked them how they have such information?  Well they have a tenancy agreement and I said what? What tenancy agreement because I have never signed one and I was never given by the private landlord. I was asking him many times.. But he always said later and later and eventually never had one. That's the reason why I have moved out. I asked the council to send me a copy, just to see what they have. It was a tenancy agreement  that started in 01.05.2016 with my name date of birth and a signature , the signature was not mine. Basically the signature was my name written in capital letters. Called the council straight away and told them that this is not my signature and that I did not stay there at that period of time, they said.. Well we accepted the tenancy agreement so the outstanding amount needs to be paid. I've got in contact with the previous tenant that was living at that property 2015-2017 thanks to Facebook. And I asked him if he has any proff that he lived at that property 2016-2018. He said that he was staying there just from 2016 to 2017 and he will help me.. He gave a call to the council that he needs proof that he was living at that property 2016 - 2017. The council told him that he was at that property registered just for one month he said it is impossible because he was staying there for more that a year and has the receipts to prove it. The council told him that he should get a refund for that year but he said I don't want the refund I just want the proof. To be honest I'm happy that I meet a person like him. Coming back to the story... The council sent him the proof and they sent me a bill with 000 pounds for the year 2016 - 2017. But now I  still have  the council tax for 2017-2018. And in the mean time I was contacted by Newlyn as well to pay for the years 2016 - 2018. I don't have any proof of my previous address because sometimes I was sleeping one the street but that time as well someone helped me and gave me shelter for a good period of time and I just have his contact number. I gave the number to the council to call him and ask him what they would like as a proof. And my question is... How should I prove that the tenancy agreement dose not have my signature? I mean they should realize ( the council ) that the tenancy agreement is a fake as confirmed with the period for 2016-2017 but unfortunately I can just see that they don't even bother about it. First of all thank you for taking the time to read all the story. I just want to know what else can I do? And what legal advice should I take? Are there any charities regarding this kind of problem that I could use. Thank you very much everyone 


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    Sorry to much waffle to read and lack of paragraphs make it also too difficult. Try and just give pertinent info and break up the wall of text?
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    It's a pity that the courts are closed, otherwise I would sue the landlord for fraudulently using your name
    Once you have resolved this, please still go ahead and take him to court.  To let him get away would mean that he would do it to someone else.
    Just a thought, if you could get a solicitor to write to the landlord letting him know that you intend to take him to court if he does not resolve the problems with the council and you intend to go for cost.  Have the letter sent signature required.
    At the same time, get something from the last tenant in writing and get it notarized just in case you lose contact with him.
    All he have to write is that he was living at the property during the period in question, show proof etc.  It might be in your best interest to offer to pay for the signature.
    If you have to pay the council any money, please pay them in cash if you can.  Giving them your bank details would be like giving a thief your CC pin.
    Hope you get this resolved, the councils' are notorious for nothing listening, all they want is their money
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