Redundancy and terms of contract

Hello, I work for an organisation that was previously civil service but is not now.
A small amount of the staff are on original civil service terms of service/conditions which have never been rescinded. Most of the workforce is on newer terms.
They have recently announced voluntary redundancies at terms above the statutory minimum.
If you do not accept these terms, then you may be made compusorily redundant on statutory minimum rates which is roughly half of what they were offering to the voluntary leavers.
Staff on original civil service terms are now asking HR/unions regarding their rights which, of course, are higher than either of the terms offered.
Everything has gone a bit quiet, assuming that HR didn't realise about the staff on the original terms. 

1) In order to change the civil service conditions there needs to be a further consultation period. Can they do this along side the voluntary/compulsory redundanies - It seems that they are changing the rules midway through the game?
2) How can anyone make a decision if they don't have the full information? Staff have asked for their original (paper) contracts which are locked in an office which is unlikely to be visited before the end of the first consultation period. 
3) If you take voluntary redundancy - do you take what they offer, even though your work contract has better terms? 
4) If you wait for compulsory redundancy, presumably, they have to pay what is in your contract? What we are fearing is that they will start the consultation period alongside what is going on now and change the terms, then make those Civil Service members redundant on significantly worse terms than their original work terms and half of the voluntary rates which are being offered now.
Is this legal? Its certainly not ethical! 
Some of these staff have been there 30/40 years and stayed there as they always thought that the terms of their work contract would protect them should they be made redundant. Work contracts are not worth the paper they are written on if they can be so easily changed in the favour of the employer! 

TLDR : Can they change your work contract terms during a consultation period?


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    I am assuming you are on the old terms and conditions. 
    1) I don't see a need for a new consultation period. They just need to recalculate the offer for the people on the old terms and conditions. After all the skill set , jobs needing doing etc will not change. It is just the package that needs looking at again.
    2) You can't that part is unfair if they don't want to extend the consultation period they need to find a way for you all to get access to the information you need, even if it is you all going to the office separately to pick it up. 
    3) If you take the VR package you take what is offered or negotiated. If your contract has better terms then there is no point taking the VR package unless you want to go and it might leave you as one of the staff staying.  
    4) They have to abide by the terms of your contract.and they can't just change it to suit themselves.  

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