Renting out your garden

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Has anyone heard of
Rent an article about it on money magpie:
Apparently renting out your garden for money is a thing now!


  • Mickey666
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    Last thing I'd want is people wandering around my garden . . . unless they're going to do the actual gardening of course ;)
  • ArchibaldE
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    True! Although at the right price I'd rather this than rent out a room in my house! Use the money to pay for a gardener :D
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    I'm not sure how this would work.
    If you live in an area where you have a nice garden, chances are it is a leafy suburb and everyone has a garden available or knows someone with a garden they can use to host a party.
    Those that don't have their own garden are likely in a flat and would use a suitable green space that there normally is for developments of flats.  How likely are the people in the flats to have the spare cash to rent a garden instead?
    Others will just rock up and use a space in a park.
    Finally, how are toilets provided for the people that rented your garden - the website says it is not intrusive into your house.
  • ArchibaldE
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    Not sure I agree....there's lots of reasons why people don't have a garden. Simply because someone lives in a flat doesn't necessarily mean they couldn't afford to rent one (some of the richest people I know live in flats in London). 
    Not everyone knows someone who owns a garden that would let them use it for free and even if they did, there is luxury in privacy. Many people wouldn't want to get together in a public space, now more than ever. Even with the current situation aside, people would appreciate the privacy of an outdoor space to sunbathe perhaps or to meet up for celebration, it could work well. I guess we will have to wait and see.  

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