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Meadowlands at Musgrave

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Hi there.

Does anyone have any info or opinions about the Meadowlands Rehab Unit at Musgrave Park Hospital during this current crisis.

We have been advised that a member of the family should be sent there from hospital as they believe he is not well enough to be sent home and we understand why they are saying that but we are worried about him going into any institution.

I'm not looking for medical advice but would appreciate info from anyone who has had a family sent to this rehab unit during the covid period and has found it helpful or not. 

He has lung issues but these are not covid based and is currently clear but with the current situation if we agree to him going there we can still not visit and him being on his own was always something he didn't want!

So I suppose what I'm asking is had any one had a family member return home, this last three months during the covid crisis, from this Rehab center.

I acknowledge and agree that before the current situation this center has had fantastic results with older folk . . . but its different at the moment. 

I'd like to teach the World to sing in perfect Harmony :grin: :j :D:)


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    Obviously it's a risk/benefit assessment that only you and your family can weigh up. In most hospitals, even "community hospitals", there will be measures in place (PPE etc) to reduce risk but it can't be eliminated completely.

    You could ask what measures are in place in Meadowlands currently and make a decision based on that?

    In the event you opt not to go there, there may be some community rehab options available but these are likely to be limited and again, not risk-free.  
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