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Hey All, 
I was just wondering if anyone has experienced the same problem with their iBoost+ that I've got.
The fan on it is fairly noisy and always has been, but that's not the problem.  On Monday morning with the sun shining I noticed that I couldn't hear the familiar hum coming from the airing cupboard so had a look at the iBoost and the screen was blank.  Checked the power and everything was okay.  I've since removed it and wired the Immersion back in and that all works fine so it's not the element, thermostat or circuit.

I contacted Marlec who got back to me almost immediately Monday morning, requesting photos of the wiring and its placement, which I've sent, but have since heard nothing.  I'm assuming they'll get back to me when they can, but was wondering if anyone had experienced this?  It's only been installed since Sep/Oct 18, as prior to that we had a combi so couldn't make use of the surplus electricity we were producing.  kind of annoying to have to turn the boiler back on!
4 Kwp System, South Facing, 35 Degree Pitch, 16 x 250W Solarworld Panels, SMA Sunnyboy 3600 Inverter, Installed 02/09/14 in Sunny South Bedford - £5600
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