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Tooth broken off bridge

A tooth has snapped off my all on four implant bridge. Can I glue it back until my dentist can see me? If so what can I use? Thanks. 


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    Is this the definitive bridge or just a temporary? You are best contacting your implantologist as glue in the wrong place on an implant can cause it to fail . If it is a definitive bridge the glue won't hold it anyway and if it's a temporary bridge you may do more harm than good. Contact your implantologist for their advice. 
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    A few weeks ago , my 2 teeth implants came out from the front  and I'm waiting for the dentist to get back to seeing patients . Initially , I thought that looking like Shane McGowan would be horrifying . However, I'm self isolating in a hermit style fashion as instructed .
    Having a face mask helps in this situation also . 

    Being on universal credit, I'm not looking forward to the cost of it being glued back in
    I think it's best to leave it to the experts ,rather than feeling worse than usueless making things potentially worse . 🦷😼

    Too many people ..too many problems .  I Step away from the news, media and oppression as much as possible ( and adverts!) and realise that my life matters ,and maybe life is not crap .
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