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No Buying Unnecessary Toiletries June 2020

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  • lantannalantanna Forumite
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    One out to report, pink top garner miscellar water 700ml
    2021 low buy year in order to buy a house
    12k savings 2021 £ 1127.68 /£15000 # 25
    Mortgage deposit £6379.83 /£20,000 target
    Target date to buy: June 2022
    Fees etc £428.83/ £5000 target
    Debt : £1037.35Credit Card
  • curtis122curtis122 Forumite
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    I seriously could not list all the stuff I have, I go to car boots and just can't help it when see clarins, no7 etc at bargain prices so over the years I have lots and they make me smile everytime I see them sat in the cupboard or side as they were such a bargain but thats where most of them stay and like has been said what is the point if I don't use them its just wasted money even if it was cheap. Last year I got a number of items out that had been sat half full or less in the cupbaord for ages and used nothing else but them till I used them up so continuing with that for others this year.

    My main thing this year has been my perfumes I have 19 (if you count mini's aswell more like 30)some branded and some are cheaper ones from Avon and supermarkets etc. I love having a choice but 19 is too many for me I don't go out that much! At the moment I have selected 4 that I like but I probably would not buy again as I have others I like more so my main aim this year and going forward is to just use those 4, I now have 2 that are nearly empty and once those 4 are gone then I will pick another 2/3 until I get down to around 10 (not counting mini's) then I will be happy.
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