TESCO Clubcard Rewards for magazines is not worth anything remotely like what Tesco say

All very well that vouchers are being extended due to Coronavirus, but they really are not worth anything remotely like what they used to be, and for magazines at least, the prices that they compare savings to are HUGELY misleading.
In the past I have used them to buy a Radio Times magazine subscription.  Today I checked, and they claim they are saving you against an annual price of £165, and a 6 month supposed price of £82.50, which is based on the weekly cost IN A SHOP times the number of weeks.

No, this is NOT the price you would pay for a subscription.  
Firstly, 6 issues to a new subscriber is £1.  
Secondly, I have a continuing subscription which is £44.99 (because on the past couple of renewals I was using Sainsburys and didn't have enough Tesco points). 
Thirdly, you can get a 6 month subscription for £55 through https://www.magazine.co.uk/magazines/radio-times-magazine (and get £6.60 back via Quidco).

It just isn't worth me using Tesco Clubcard vouchers to renew.  Why?  Because the other issue with magazine subscriptions was that when I previously used clubcard rewards, on expiry of that deal, what they tried to renew at was going to be nearer the cost of just buying the magazine in store.  In other words, the price that they were comparing it to when you supposedly got a 66% discount!  BEWARE.


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