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Non alcoholic drink and blood pressure

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Non alcoholic drink and blood pressure

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I've looked on the net but not found anything. I like my wine, etc at night time.  If I was to change to non alcohol drinks, does this impact the BP when drunk in moderation?
I'd be grateful for links and/or help from an expert if possible or advice that was given to a fM here by a doctor, etc.
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  • littlegreenparrotlittlegreenparrot Forumite
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    I don't see why non-alcoholic drinks would impact blood pressure, most of them are variations on sparkling juice. I wouldn't expect them to have any more affect than a glass of lemonade or fruit juice. 
    I would be wary of caffeinated drinks, as I think the caffeine has an association, so would avoid cola for example. 

    If blood pressure is a concern have a look at the UK Blood pressure association website, lots of info on there about dietary/lifestyle changes that can improve it. I have found it very helpful in the past. 
  • onwards&upwardsonwards&upwards Forumite
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    Is your blood pressure high?  Do you drink alcohol every evening?  Cutting that down will definitely be good for your health if so. 
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