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Will applying for Carers Credit affect any other benefits such as tax credits?

Hi folks, 
Our special needs child will soon be twelve (high rate of both components of DLA) and my partner needs to apply for Carers Credit towards her state pension. We understand she only gets the credits until child is twelve.
As I already get a dependant allowance for my partner in my ESA contribution based, she is only going to apply for Carers Credit only.
So just want to make sure that how the law stands at the moment, applying for Carers Credit shouldn't affect Tax Credits which we get or a change of circumstance that would trigger an Universal Credit claim?
many Thanks.


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    I'm assuming you're claiming ESA as a couple? If so then your partner can claim Carers allowance for looking after your child. It will be deducted from your ESA in full BUT you will be better off by £37.50 per week because a carers premium will be added to your ESA. The carers allowance will then be paid to your partner.
    This will not prompt a move to UC.

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    I wasn't aware there was an adult dependant addition available for ESA. Is this a protected addition resulting from transfer from Incapacity Benefit to ESA? How much is it?

    Why are you only getting contribution based ESA with no income based top up? Is it because your protected ESA amount is more than would be applicable for income based ESA.

    Information I post is for England unless otherwise stated. Some rules may be different in other parts of UK.
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    Thanks for replies, No we are not claiming as a couple, its just that I was on IB contribution based at the time child was born, and one of the rules at the time was because myself and my partner had a child, I could get this top up (adult dependant) for my partner currently it stands at £52 a week, which is treated as a top up under ESA Transitional rules which were due to end in April but have been extended. I am in the support group of ESA

    Other than tax credits we are not entitled to any means tested benefits, because of savings rule.

    I know my partner could claim carers allowance rather than just get a carers credit, but any extra money about £15 or so would take us over limit for school meals entitlement, and maybe affect any tax credits we get, so what we would be gaining in one hand we would loose in the other. So that is why partner is happy just to get Carers Credit.
    As long as claiming Carers Credit doesn't affect any thing we would be happy enough.
    Many thanks.

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    Applying for Carers Credit will have no effect on your ESA, CTC etc. It's simply an alternative way of your partner getting an NI credit once your child turns 12 and the option of getting a credit through receipt of Child Benefit ceases.
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