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Due to have a consultation meeting with external hr company appointed by my employer in next few weeks.
Disagree strongly with reasons for redundancy and have had great advice from people here and also acas as to possible appeal etc.. however just wanting to ask a bit about the meeting i'm due to have.
As ludicrous as it may sound, i am considering to offer to work for a much lower rate for x amount of months in the hope of keeping my job.  Does anyone know of any previous with this tactic and how it could be received  ?
Re my previous comment about my disagreement with the reasons for redundancy, is the consultation a wise time to bring it up or is it something i should keep til any appeal ?

Final question, the external company have sent me an email with the following text in..

"Please let me know your availability during the next 2 weeks commencing June 1st so that a time can be finalised"

Now with me being on furlough, i guess i should be "available" pretty much straight away shouldn't i ? I almost feel like them giving me 2 weeks potentially to get a date agreed is a trap of some sort - sorry if that sounds crazy, just seems at odds with the furlough thing that means i should be able to return to work if required asap - just seems too good that they are giving me upto another 2 weeks to have the meeting.
It's late so i'll leave it there.  Thanks for reading. Oh, i've got 6 years service with the company btw.


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    .A company can decide for a number of reasons why they want to make a role redundant Unless any of the reasons discriminate against you then it does not matter if you agree with the reasons or not.  
    You can offer to work for less, if it is a purely financial situation then that may work, but as they are using an external agency it is probably more like they are reorganising and money is not the only motivation. 
    You can discuss your disagreement at any stage will make no difference if now or at appeal. 
    Not quite sure what the trap part with availability is. The company will be used to working with people who can not attend for whatever reason so are giving you some flexibility. I am assuming there are others having a meeting to so they are giving you that time so can try to fit everybody schedule in.
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