Furlough, Redundancy notice pay, and volunteer redundancy...

Hi everyone, 
Ok... so I've been on furlough since 1st May.  I got a letter today saying I was being considered for redundancy and will be having a consultation call tomorrow. 
My questions are...
1. I would like to be made redundant (Long story, but I planned to leave anyway, so it works in my favour).  Will I lose anything if, during the consoltation call, I offer volunteer redundancy?  Or should I wait for them to make me redundant? 
2. IF I do get made redundant, my employer has said that I will remain on furlough for my notice period, which is fine, but they also said I would get my usual 80% furlough salary for the redundancy notice.  It's not overly clear, but I am sure that I should be entitled to 100% of my salary whilst on redundancy notice, and not the 80% they are offering?  Can anyone clarify this?

Thanks so much


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    Asking for VR may alert your employer to the fact you are intending to leave and thus they may decide you are not a candidate for redundancy as you will leave anyway at no extra cost to them
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    but I am sure that I should be entitled to 100% of my salary whilst on redundancy notice

    I think that too but I am not an expert, just going through similar process myself
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    Unless they have asked for VR i doubt they will accept it as it will cost them more. Sounds like it is a money saving exercise rather then restructure. 

    With regards to notice period and pay whilst furloughed, the government has not been clear you can make an argument for 80% or 100% so until the government make an announcement or it is tested in court nobody knows. You be best just accepting what they offer and if it turns out incorrect claiming the rest once it is more clear. 
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    If you want to go anyway, I would not mention voluntary redundancy.  You have to play the game that you will be so sad to leave (but not too well that you stay) and then make it all about securing the best financial deal for you.  In my opinion, that should be notice at 100% salary and not 80% salary - the 80% is only relevant in the context of furlough and, surely, furlough (job retention scheme) is not relevant if they are not retaining your job.  Always a good tactic to make sure they have a nagging thought at the back of their mind that they will risk a tribunal but you need to know that it is usually best for all if tribunal is avoided as you want to go on good terms and a reference and you never know when you will want to work for them (the company or individuals) again in the future.
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