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SG Dumb Meters got Smart

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SG Dumb Meters got Smart

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st999st999 Forumite
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5 days ago I started a switch from Eon to SG and I was reading my meters today and noticed that the network lights on the electric smart meter were now green red and green whereas before the top light had been flashing orange.
So I decided to take the IHD from it's resting place in a drawer and plug it in.
Imagine my surprise when it started to show the meter information, how much I was using and also the meter readings.
In other words, my dumb smart meter is now smart again and the IHD is working as it should after almost 2 years of it being dumb.
No more having to go outside to read my meters.


  • brewerdavebrewerdave Forumite
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    If you have just started the switch then you will (most probably) find that it all goes dumb again when the switch completes unfortunately.
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