Missed payment on a credit card I had paid off

Wondering if anybody has experience of challenging a missed payment in this situation:
I have a credit card which over the last 15 months I've worked really hard on paying off. At the end of March, I finally did just that, and I was thrilled. 
This morning I logged on and saw a balance of -£14. I had cut the card up when I first started working on getting on top of my debt, so I knew I hadn't spent anything. What had happened was they'd added £2.39 interest, and I, having paid the card to £0.00 and with a lot on my mind, hadn't been on to check it. They'd added a £12 late payment fee, and of course as I've missed a payment, it's going to show on my credit file.
I am absolutely gutted. I feel like all my effort has been wasted, all for £2.39. The bank don't send me statements or reminders when payment are due. I just genuinely thought that I'd paid it off and that was it, but the interest was for the period between my statement date and when I paid it off. I didn't realise this until this today when I looked into the dates. 
I emailed the bank asking if there was anything they could do to help me and they've replied saying they'll refund the fee but that's not the point - I would happily pay the fee if they'd remove the late payment. 
I understand that I did indeed miss a payment, but does the fact that I didn't know the payment was due make a difference? Should they have told me, given that I'd paid it off to £0.00 and the likelihood is that people don't regularly check on an account they've paid off? 
I've been working towards buying my own place this year, and I'm so upset that this will impact my ability to get a mortgage. 
Any advice from anyone who's had an experiences similar to this would be much appreciated. 
Thank you in advance.


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    Take the refund of the fee pay the Interest and forget about it.
    The fact you don't get a statement of reminder of payments must be their procedure. Did you get them before? 
    I only get a reminder of my payments on one card as I set up a text alert to remind me. Other cards do not. A min DD is worth its weight in gold in these situations.
    If it's only a few days since payment was due it will not have been reported and the refunding of the fee will mean it does not get reported either.
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    No, it doesn't make a difference.  You need to monitor your account and make payments when needed and check the statements they send you.

    Just pay it off.  One missed payment will have little impact and none of your efforts have been wasted. 
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