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Hello all, desperate for some help and advice (as in everyone at the moment). We have a premium+ wedding insurance policy with WeddingPlan that we took out in November 19 for our wedding in Italy in July 2021. Our current travel insurance runs out before our wedding date, meaning any new travel insurance will unlikely cover anything Covid related. We are currently due to be paying vendors but obviously reluctant to do so without more clarification. We have been unable to get through to the insurance company.

If anyone has any thoughts on the following points, I would be grateful for your response.
What you are covered for..
- The booked venue for the wedding/reception being unable to hold your wedding due to infectious or contagious disease - Does this mean if there is a nationwide/global disease or does the infection have to be specifically at the venue
- The closure of your venue - Luckily we are covered in the venue has to close

What you are not covered for
- Costs for travel And accommodation arrangements made for weddings taking place outside the UK - does this mean if we were to cancel these costs wouldn’t be refunded. That is not a problem as we would have travel insurance would cover that.
- Any claim arising directly or indirectly from government regulation or act - So if we (or Italy) were to go into lockdown again, would we not be covered?
- Any claim arising directly or indirectly from cancellation or rearrangement of travel and accommodation arrangements made in respect of weddings outside the UK - So does this mean if we can’t get to our venue we wouldn’t be insuranced.

Does anyone have any advice regarding additional travel insurance? (Which I believe we are unable to get until 12 months before).

We are in a fortunate position at the moment where we can get our deposit refunded this week and cancel. Our other options are to risk our deposit and hope we can find better insurance or travel insurance down the line.... or hope things are all back to normal and continue as we planned - I personally don’t have the finances to gamble on ours or our guests money. 

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