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Why can't I lose weight?

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  • GreattaSGreattaS Forumite
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    Sometimes it can be due to health problems. Have you been examined by your doctor?
  • SocajamSocajam Forumite
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    You don't need to waste money on the gym.
    Log on to  youtube and use the great exercises that you can do.
    You have Gillian Michaels - 30 day thread, Denise Austin (love her)
    Tips & Videos:  - lots of videos
    Bright Side on youtube - Jessica Smith on youtube - All you need is Internet and some space
    I love bright side and live sonima
    Also make sure that you are drinking lots of water
  • paul9619paul9619 Forumite
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    I can recommend the Insanity workouts. Great to follow a routine. If you are starting out I would suggest the Insanity focus T25 program. Moving onto the original Insanity afterwards. 
    My wife is doing the T25 and she likes that it’s only 25 minutes. 
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    I can only speak from experience here but I have found that the quickest way to get a lean toned body is to exercise 3 or 4 times a week using weights with a bit of cardio mixed in.  Dumbbells or kettlebells are hard to get hold of now but hopefully this will get easier as shops open.  For me a healthy balanced diet mixed with this kind of exercise really works, although it takes time and perseverance if you are starting from scratch.

    I have dodgy knees too and don't do any jogging or anything high impact.  Cycling is fine for cardio and I can happily cycle long distances without my knees complaining, but otherwise low impact exercise with weights is the best option for me.  You do need to get your technique right though, properly done squats and lunges will strengthen your legs and should help with your knees.  I recommend Julie Buckley's website to learn the techniques, you can sign up to a fitness plan with her too if you want to and it isnt expensive.
  • Grumpy_chapGrumpy_chap Forumite
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    The OP is 5'7" and 10 stone.  Sounds ideal to me so maybe they can't lose weight because they are the correct weight from a healthy lifestyle.
  • Retireby40Retireby40 Forumite
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    The OP is 5'7" and 10 stone.  Sounds ideal to me so maybe they can't lose weight because they are the correct weight from a healthy lifestyle.
    It's simple maths calories in v calories out. The body doesnt decide to keep you at a particular weight automatically. Obviously the OP wants to make improvements and although 10 stone may not seem that much overweight it could be a problem if body fat is very high and muscle mass is low. 
  • icehockey44icehockey44 Forumite
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    I think your weight is just right, it's in the middle of your target range. If you do want to loose a bit more, try calorie counting, use a TDEE calculator to work out your maintenance calories, then reduce by 500 calories for a 1lb per week loss. Go for a 45%, 30% and 25% split carbs, protein and fats split. And maybe do weights sessions, if you have no weights as gyms are closed do body weight exercises, there are plenty of programmes on you tube and Instagram (Bradley Simmonds classes on Instagram are fab) you might just prefer to add lean muscle to get a tighter athletic look, which might be more pleasing for you.

    Good luck

  • TomokoAdhamiTomokoAdhami Forumite
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    I wouldn't give a very technical tip but you need to boost your metabolism in this situation. That's why start drinking more water. Or sometimes try ginger and honey tea with water only. Better to complete your dinner before 6 pm and drink a few glasses of water after 7 pm. I think you will see the difference. 
  • msarANGmsarANG Forumite
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    i agree. there is only 1 thing that always can help you loose weight. It's calorie deficit. it works everywhere and for everyone on the planet. 
  • Sea_ShellSea_Shell Forumite
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    The OP is 5'7" and 10 stone.  Sounds ideal to me so maybe they can't lose weight because they are the correct weight from a healthy lifestyle.
    OP I'm in almost exactly the same place as you, just an inch shorter.    I know that 10 stone is my "settled weight" and i know that my "feel great" weight is about 9st10lbs.   I'm currently hovering around 10st3lbs.  

    When you are at your "settled weight" it's harder to lose more, as you really have to nail down the calories v exercise balance.

    I know that when i need to have an attack on the scales, i need to measure, weigh and document everything, to get my net intake nailed down to approx 1200 per day.   When i do that, it works!!    

    I do however, run.   So for me i can allow myself "credits" of calories against a run.   eg a 6 mile run will give me 600 cals of credits, which allows me to eat a bit more, whilst still aiming for NET calories per day of 1200.

    One exercise you might want to try are step knee lifts.    Do you have stairs?   Or a garden step? 

    Basically, step up with your right foot, then pull up your left foot/knee up as high as you can towards your chest, then put the left back to the ground, step back down with your right foot.   Then when both feet are back on the ground step up with the left and raise the right knee to your chest.   Repeat in a steady rhythm.    This should be fairly easy on your knees, and is a slightly harder workout than marching on the spot.
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