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I have had mobile phones for 23 years
My first was a Nokia 9000i - the true forerunner to todays smartphones - it had Txt, Fax (dual SIM, using a different number to calls) email and web-browsing (albeit at less than 20kbps) - it ran the Sybian Operating System and had two screens and a proper "mechanical keyboard... I could type at 60 wpm using the internal keyboard.
The phone processor itself ran at 33Mhz - compared to 2Ghz for modern equivalent and had just 2Mb of user storage - but, somehow, I never ran out of space.....
The battery (Li-Ion) lasted at least as long as most of todays smartphones - but I had a spare just in case - they plugged into the rear of the case ! I still have the phone and it is as new condition-wise.
It cost almost £1000 in 1997 !


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