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Good Morning,
Can anyone help me out please? I have a PlayStation 4 console that my teens (K and L) share. I set it up with my name on the account (millie) as a family manager and the children created their accounts within this. All was okay playing games and online Fortnite until son (K) bought Star Wars Battlefront. Due to age restrictions on his account he couldn't play it. I didn't want him to use my account as it is pass worded and if I'm at work (a keyworker) he wont be able to log in. So stupidly I set up another new adult account on the PlayStation in his name (K), altering his D.O.B so that he could play. Trouble started again, when he couldn't or he realised that in order to use Multiplayer within the game you need online access to PlayStation+. Now, I am willing to buy PlayStation Plus as I can get it cheaper. 
My question is as I have 2 children which account do I purchase the Plus on? and will all users on the PlayStation console be able to access it? for example, if I purchase the plus on my family account (K) still cant play Star Wars but  me and (L) can get Plus?, if I purchase it on (K's) new solo adult account, will I have access and (L)? I'm very confused.... (L) doesn't want to play on the (K) account because its got that name on it.....but I cannot get see a way around it?
Any help or guidance please? thanks in advance...


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    Hello, i'm not too sure of the answer. Maybe you could try your luck on the playstation forum?  :)
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    I think you can have one account that allows others to benefit from it. The playstation forums dont exist anymore but if you go on twitter there is an ask playstation uk where you can get help.
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    Why don't you just let your children play on your account? Why did you create an adult and a children's one? I believe that you could play all the games in one. I think your children won't get into any harmful content. Maybe except for games with a possible level of cruelty. I mean, like the one that your son has already bought for himself. Trust them. They are now learning faster than us.
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