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I am in need of a bit of advice.
I am filling in my expense forms and am wondering if my expenses are reasonable.
Essential expenditure total
Building and Content Insurance17
Pension and Life insurance17
Council Tax59
TV Licence13
Phone total
Home Phone18.00
Mobile Phone(s)25.00
Travel total
Public Transport (work, school, shopping, etc)173
Car Insurance70
Vehicle Tax2.50
Fuel (Petrol, Diesel, Oil, etc)100
MOT and car maintenance25
Breakdown and Recovery9
Parking Charges or Tolls24
Housekeeping total
Food and Milk320
Cleaning and Toiletries20
Newspapers and Magazines5
Laundry and dry cleaning10
Clothing and Footwear40
Pet Food5
Other expenditure total
Health (dentist, glasses, prescriptions, health
Repairs/house maintenance (including window cleaning,
maintenance contracts)
School meals and meals at work40
Lottery and Pools etc.5
Hobbies/leisure/sport (include pub outings, etc.)40
Gifts (Christmas Birthday, Charity etc.)25
Sundries and emergencies 50
Entertainment subscription22
Employment related55

My main concerns are my rent, it looks a little high (£1,300), but I live in London and it is an average price for a 1 bedroom flat when you count that some of the heating bills are included in this cost, and the council taxt is slightly lower than in other areas. Could I be made to move - or even worse houseshare with people I don't know?
I have been looking around for examples of hosekeeping expenses (I have allocated £420/month) but can't really find any, the main bulk is made up of food costs of £320/month. I'm not sure if this is too high or would be ok.
The other thing I am worried about is having a car (worth about £2,100-£2,500), I don't use it for commuting to work, but I do use it to travel to visit family (20-300mils away), also, I have varicose veins on my leg and chronic shin splints, so it does make walking for longer period difficult - I also have a gym membership for this reason as swimming can help reduce the symptomns and again, I'm not sure if this will be accepted by the OR and if I would not be allowed to claim expenses related to my car.
The other one is health (£67/month), I have allocated 17/month for contact lenses (I'm on a computer for most of the day for work and the glare from glasses/computer screen gives me headaches), 15/month for glasses and annual checkups, 20/month for dentist, and 10/month for pescriptions

Any advice would be greatfully appriciated in this stressful time.


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    If you are a one person household many of those figures seem high

    you have car, and public transport quite high spending overall (I don’t know but OR may question the amount of travel to family and friends)
    food should be more like 250
    alcahol isn’t allowed for IPA purposes 
    health is quite high normally 20-30
    sundries and emergencies should be 20 per person
    employment related would need explanation 
    gym is high (you might be allowed 20-30, but that’s not a given)
    property maintenance and repairs, this is up to your landlord, I doubt you’ll get an allowance 

    My gut feel is that you’d get away with perhaps the exception for travel or health, but I suspect the combination of high amounts which are arguably not essential will trigger questions (and perhaps alterations to your figures) from the OR

    eg for contact lenses which are needed for work, that arguably falls under display equipment regulations, which mean the employer should pay. I suspect your employer and OR would conclude that they are a nice to have and not essential. 

    It’s also debatable wether you need an eye test and new glasses every year. If dental costs are private why not use nhs etc 20 a month or 240 a year would pay for none designer glasses(in Asda/spec savers anyway) and normal NHS dental stuff

    sorry if sounds harsh but the OR has a duty to both give you a reasonable standard of living and maximise returns to cover bankruptcy costs and repay something to creditors
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