The Trilogy

This is my third diary, or the final book in the series.
-- The first one (May 19) saw me settling into my new life, having started over a few years before, and clearing debts.
-- The second one (November 19) saw me saving every penny, quite literally, to get my deposit and associated fees. I'm keeping it going as I'm saving again.
-- Now my third and final diary (May 20) sees me trying to pay my mortgage down and have a thread dedicated solely to that.

I'm mid 40s this year, have a furbaby and I've been engaged for ages.

I got really lucky finding a fabulous 2 flat over 100 years old (not listed!), with its own garden, views overlooking water, mountains (hills) in the distance (as I'm in Scotland, it's shared repair costs), in an old village with all the history to go with it everywhere I look. 
The details:
-- My mortgage is £6🤫,275.00.
-- My deposit was 15%.
-- My interest rate is 5.🤫🤫%, 5 years fix.
-- My monthly payment is £4🤫🤫.2🤫.

I have a 275 month mortgage hanging on my tail. Not really, I've my own home, I'm happy and relaxed 🤗

The great 10 year master plan:
-- 2020 small overpayments (O/P) as I build savings and prepare my garden.
-- 2021 medium O/P
-- 2022 look to remortgage / pay ERCs
-- 2023 - 2030 large O/P until cleared.

I will only be updating this as I make a manual O/P.  That way I can keep my momentum going, keep track of how much I've paid as O/Ps and review my master plan each year.
Mortgage started 2020, aiming to clear it in 2026.


  • You've been busy! Well done and good luck 🏚
    Jan update
    2021 MFW #39  £228.76/£5000 
    Current mortgage @ 1/2/2021  £94 900.00 
    Mortgage end date Jan 2041. Current OP end date March 2039. Target June 2027.
    2021 Personal savings £1 803.25/£5 880
    2021 Personal Freetrade shares £102.81 (putting £50 per month in - love it!).
    2021 Joint sinking fund £36.83/£500
    2021 Summer holiday fund £330.35/£1350
  • Thick_n_Thin
    Thick_n_Thin Posts: 329 Forumite
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    Just thought I’d pop over and say HI 👋 your home sounds idyllic!

    Aiming to be mortgage free in 3 years June 2023. 
    May 2020 - £63,493
    Jan 2021 - £56,145
    April 2022 - £44,750
  • MovingForwards
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    Thank you both.

    I do love my home, every day I go from room to room, looking out the windows at that view and do the biggest smile ever!

    Made a £13.76 O/P last month 😊
    Mortgage started 2020, aiming to clear it in 2026.
  • @MovingForwards your flat sounds lush! Well done! Having a garden is just the best thing!
    "Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits" Thomas Edison
    Following the Martin mantra "Earn more, have less debt, improve credit worthiness" :money:
  • MovingForwards
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    Thank you @Unicorn_cottage it is, it's absolutely perfect and I've not stopped smiling since moving in 😁 

    If anyone is interested in what I'm up to in the garden, tackling some small DIY transformations, exploring my area etc read my other diary as that's where I'm hanging out as I've got to build savings up, while paying the mortgage down and planning for retirement.

    This diary is just about paying the mortgage down, which is a task in itself 😊
    Mortgage started 2020, aiming to clear it in 2026.
  • Hey MF!
    I stumbled upon (ok I was being nosy on your profile! :D) your other thread here, and just want to cheer you on!

    I have a teeny confession to make, in my other life, I over-paid my mortgage too so I know it is doable! Best of luck I have pootled around your other diaries and I know you will do it! And probably before you think you can! :D 
    "...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains however improbable, must be the truth..."
    "Mastering a low budget lifestyle now, means you are set for life" quote by 'Miss Babs'

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    Household maintenance = 0
    Prolific Academic = £41.64
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