Facebook ads are scams or ripoffss



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    Moglex said:
    May I suggest that you look up the definition of 'rip-off'and edit your post? It will save you looking foolish, as you clearly don't know what it means.
    Well, my opinion is that something advertised at a price, even if that price is extremely high is not a rip off in any way, shape or form and as 10 people have thanked my post, it would appear that I'm far from alone in having this opinion.

    It's simply someone advertising something for a price and if another person is foolish enough to buy without doing any research then that's their own fault and as long as there is a free market economy in the UK, I fail to see anything wrong with what the sellers are doing.
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    They probably bump up their prices to compensate for the fact they waste so much money advertising on Facebook. It is a platform for people to socialise, not buy. They would be better off promoting via google PPC ads, as at least you know the user is interested in what is on offer. I learnt this the hard way, and lost a lot of money in the process.
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     Facebook is an advertising medium .
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    if you happily hand over an amount of money for a product then its hardly a rip-off -- however, it may feel that way if you subsequently find it cheaper elsewhere or are disappointed with the quality etc. -- but whose fault is that, after all
    that's why we do our research before we part with our hard earned money isn't it ?
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