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Menopause - pins and needles in fingers at night

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Menopause - pins and needles in fingers at night

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MrsPorridgeMrsPorridge Forumite
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I assume I'm going through the menopause - I'm 58, still having periods, although not very regularly.  During the day I am usually cold even when others are not.  At night I am cold when I get into bed.  Then I usually wake two/three times and am boiling hot, but not drenched in sweat - just feel like my blood is boiling as its going around my body.  I usually fall back to sleep and then wake a couple of hours later feeling the same.  During the last couple of weeks when I wake my fingers on one hand or the other (never both at the same time) are numb and tingling, pins and needles.  Is that normal?  Do you think I should contact the Dr?  I am loath to waste the doctor's time during these troubled times.
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  • oystercatcheroystercatcher Forumite
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    It does sounds like menopause but it wouldn't hurt to see dr and have some general blood tests just to make sure it's not something else. The tingling hands could be carpal tunnel I got myself some wrist support gloves from Amazon and found they really help.They have splints in to stop the wrists bending while you sleep. If you do get them buy the type with breathable fabric , I got neoprene at first and it's really hot and sweaty.
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