How much do I weigh? Having a real blonde moment

Hi all, I wonder if someone could help me with this (I can't find an answer on Google!). I have been stuck at home with 2 kids since the schools closed and I know that I am packing on a few pounds since then  :/. I've been weighing myself and a few days ago the scales have been reading 10.43st which I assumed meant 10st 4lb. I weighed myself today and it said 10.14st, which I took to mean 10st 1lb.

I thought at first great, I've lost a couple of lbs and will hopefully be under 10st soon.  HOWEVER I've suddenly had an awful realisation that I've been misreading the scales completely and my actual weight is 10st 14lb!!!!!!!!!!  :o.

Can anyone tell me which it is? If I'm nearly 11st I have got some serious work to do  :'(


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    10st 14lbs would be 11st so I think you haven't been reading it incorrectly and it's not as bad as you think :-)
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    10st 14lbs would be 11st so I think you haven't been reading it incorrectly and it's not as bad as you think :-)
    Thank you, that's a big relief. That did occur to me as obv 14lb is 1st but I feel really 'heavy' so I thought it wouldn't surprise me to find out I did weigh nearly 11st!
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    As there are 14 pounds in a stone, its quite likely your scales are showing "decimal stone", so 10.43st is likely not 10 stone 4 lbs, it would be 10.43 stone which is 10 stone and 6.02lbs.
    Otherwise I'm not sure how your scales would show 10 stone 11 pounds, as if you assume 10.43 is 10 stone 4 pounds, is 10.11 10 stone 1 pound or 10 stone 11 pounds?  More likely 10 stone 11 would show as 10.79 stone on those scales.

    As suggested, switch to kg as they are simpler for tracking changes in weight.
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    Neil49 said:
    It sounds like you have electronic scales so the first thing I would do is fit a new battery. They would also have a switch on the underside which allows you to select the weight in kilos. It might be easier to read that figure in order to see if you are gaining or losing weight. 

    They might also have the option of a readout in pounds.  So 140 = 10 st

    Mine do, plus they then show 0.2 increments of a pound.

    139.8  :)
    140.2  :(

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