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Sale starts tomorrow - store wide


  • ididntgetwhereiamtodayididntgetwhereiamtoday Forumite
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    The food halls?
    Clothing shops are closed aren't they?
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  • smartlysmartly Forumite
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    Sale is online :)
  • Lily54Lily54 Forumite
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    In Swansea there is a limited selection of clothing on the ground floor, next to the food hall and some things 50% off.
  • Rosa_DamascenaRosa_Damascena Forumite
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     In my local town centre there have been long but patient queues for 2 services: one is the banks, and the other M&S (that was pre-sale, so am assuming it was for the food hall). If they are counting one-in-one-out then I can only assume that any promotion is going to increase demand and lengthen the waiting time.
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  • qwert10qwert10 Forumite
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    mine has been open for food throughout and they have been great! no queues I don't think many people realised they were open.once a week i got all my groceries n 20 mins; whereas I queued up fr 40 minutes to get into Morisons! another 10 just to pay - 2 hrs in all.
     they had a lane to follow into the shop and wiped trolleys at the door by 2nd week staff had full plastic face guards 10/10.
    the ground floor is now open for clothes too. worth a look.
  • surfsister10surfsister10 Forumite
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    my store has been open throughout for food quickest shop in and out in 10 minutes, no queues and staff have visors.
    now 70% off in store lots of racks, worth a look if in town anyway.
  • isualiveisualive Forumite
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    It’s so quick at my local M&S too, plus they bring goods down from upstairs if you need them. They even let me go upstairs to use the fitting room. The staff are so polite & helpful with minimal queuing.
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