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Eco/natural burial

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ATC111ATC111 Forumite
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Has anyone planned a minimalist eco/natural burial for themselves or someone else in Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland? 
Possibly in a natural burial ground or Promession (not sure if the latter is permitted in the UK/Ireland yet)
Would be grateful for any advice on how to go about planning it


  • donnac2558donnac2558 Forumite
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    Would the local council be able to tell you the rules?
  • qwert_yuiopqwert_yuiop Forumite
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    There’s a place in Wexford does it. Wood brook, near killanne. They’re originally from portadown. You end up in an oak wood.
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  • Mickey666Mickey666 Forumite
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    I don't know about Ireland but in England it is very easy indeed and I was surprised to learn there is very little regulation and no actual permission required, only notification.  When we buried my in-laws (a few years apart) in their garden the only requirement was that the position must not be within x metres of a watercourse (I forget 'x' but it wasn't a lot, maybe 10 metres - should be easy to check).  With that requirement met it was just a case of notification.  There was no 'application', no inspection and no explicit permission - you just do it and inform the appropriate authorities. 
    It is recommended that the graves are marked on the property deeds, but it's not a legal requirement and we didn't bother.  It is also said that such graves might affect a future house sale but again that's only advice.  It made no difference in my experience.   I guess much depends on the setting though.  Theirs was a large country house with decent grounds and it was easy to find an overgrown spot.  A tiny garden in a terraced street would likely be a different matter in terms of desirability, though not (I believe) in legality.
    The other big advantage is that it can be one last act of significant money-saving!
  • CEON44CEON44 Forumite
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    I know you asked about burials specifically but there are also options for Eco/cheap cremations in NI
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