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Cancelling a Supplier

Hi guys, 
To cut a long story short sadly my July wedding has fallen foul of COVID-19 and I have had to cancel due to the uncertainty. 

I am now in the process of contacting Suppliers, most have been fine with issuing refunds including any deposits paid however I am having an issue with one particular Supplier. 

I have paid 50% of the invoiced price to the Supplier (they invoiced me for 6k and I have paid 3k)

During booking I was not sent a copy of any terms and conditions nor was I made to sign anything. I was just given an invoice. I have reviewed our email correspondence and not once does the Supplier mention that the deposit and any monies paid are ‘non-refundable’ so I feel I am entitled to all of my money back. 

Could anyone else shed any light on my situation? Should I continue to push for the money? As I cannot afford to write off 3k.

Thank you guys.
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