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Looking at buying a new headset, mainly for playing call of duty on an Xbox one; I want one so I can hear foot steps more clearer and have a better idea on which direction footsteps are coming in.

I’ve been turtle beach are best and don’t want to spend more than £50!

I’m considering -

Turtle beach recon 200

turtle beach Atlas one

OR a Razer Kraken x7.1

I’ve been told that you have to charge the turtle beach Recon 200. And if you charge whilst playing, it makes a buzzing sound? Is this true 

Which is best, or if not, any others ?


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    As someone who owns said console and plays Warzone/COD: Warfare...
    For hearing footsteps more what headset you use doesn't matter a toss, it's the audio profile in the actual game you're playing or if you're using a USB headset where you can hook it up to a PC to set an EQ profile what you select there. Because every game is different there is no single headset that'll make them clearer in every game. I really should commit this to memory but the in game audio profile I use in Warzone you can hear footsteps over everything, if anything they're too overpowering. So in that game if you already have a headset go into the audio options and change the profile (Studio Reference, Home Theater, High Boost etc) until you find the one that works the best for you - you can do this whilst in game.
    Also don't waste time spending extra buying 7.1 surround sound ones. 7.1 headphones do not have 7 speakers in them, they use software to modify the sound to give the effect of surround sound. The Xbox One supports Windows Sonic virtual surround (in audio settings) and you can buy the Dolby Surround app too which does the same as 7.1 headsets do without the price penalty so just get a good pair of stereo ones. The only way to get the best positional sound is to set up a 7.1 surround sound speaker system in your room, use an amp like a Denon where you can set speaker distances and angles and ditch headphones altogether. 2,5,10, 100 speakers clamped to the side of your head in a pair of earphones will not give you the same positional accuracy as a surround sound system.

    If you get a buzz when charging whilst playing it's because there's a ground loop. I get it on both my PS4 Pro and Xbox One X no matter what I use with my headset plugged into the controller when I'm charging the controller but it's in the mic audio I transmit when I'm speaking, not from audio I'm hearing in my ears. My son doesn't have the problem on his console so it may be a case of "your mileage may vary", you may be unlucky and suffer it, you may not.

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