Decent helmet camera that doesn't break the bank (Cycling)?

I tried to do a bit of Googling but all the articles seem to return cameras that are £300, £400, £500 and for the amount of cycling i do, i can't justify that. I didn't even spend that on my cars dash cam, which was about £200 all in.

All i want is something sleek that takes a decent video. It doesn't need to have a 10 year battery as if i nip out on the bike then i'm not doing laps of the UK so something like a 2 hour battery would suffice. Image quality just needs to clearly show what is out there and ideally vehicle licence plates without the need for me to have the camera 10cm from them.

I was initially thinking handlebar cam but then the downside is if anything did happen this doesn't really prove whether i looked both ways or behind me etc so i'm looking at helmet cams.


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