Quitting smoking

Just after some advice from any ex smokers out there.
I've been smoking on and off for years but much more regularly the last year or so.
I now want to stop completely. Does anyone know of any e cigarette brands, disposable or not, that look like real cigarettes? 


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    They used to exist, however I've not seen one for ages. I had one, years ago. They tend to be at the cheap and nasty end of the vaping spectrum and people don't appear to like them very much. They also don't really work very well, in the sense of being satisfying, but the batteries last a fair while. Some, also, are disposable - which isn't great for the environment. 
    The ones up from that, the pen style electric cigarettes which look like a fat pen, are better. The battery life is reasonable, although you then get into the tedious business of refilling it and replacing the wick, where necessary. Sometimes they can leak. 
    To be honest, the best way is to find an alternative to the electric ones as a method of quitting. I've found all they do is keep the addiction alive, which leads one inexorably back to smoking the real thing. 
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    OP, forget about e-cigs. Best to stop completely because with e-cigs you're still dependent on nicotine. 
    I strongly recommend you buy this book, and when you start reading open a pack of 20 B&H, and puff away as many as you can -  ie there's no pressure on you to quit. In fact the book encourages you to smoke whilst reading it lol
     It worked for me because the book looks at the 'reasons' why you smoke and once you understand them, its a doddle quitting by going cold turkey. Good luck!  
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    Thanks for the advice 👍
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